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Porter is an adventurous lad.  He was sneaking around some old warehouses in his home state of Nevada.  Alas he found himself in trouble and ended up lost and trapped.  Who is the strange man he keeps seeing, and what is this about a new weapon that could change mankind.

Help Porter find his way home, and uncover the hidden past to one of the most well known games of all time.

This is my entry for GBJAM6, the Gameboy jam where you are limited to 4 colors and 2 buttons + select, and the game has to be made within a week.

Update : The final version has some bugs removed, so is the recommended version to play.  The original submission is still available to download though.

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Tags8-Bit, Cute, Funny, Game Boy, GameMaker, portal, Time Travel


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Good looking game man, but it is not clear that only the boxes move through the portals. You did explain a lot with the little hints, so I guess this one sliped through. In the end I got stuck on level 8. It would also be nice if the portal points in the direction of the button you press, so point left if you press left arrow, point right if press right arrow. Rather than having use the buttons to only change 90 degrees at a time.

There was also a bug that I encountered, in the level were you unlock the portal, if you restart the level after picking up the machine. It is already unlocked, before you pick it up again on your next attempt.